We spent $7 billion on the 2012 elections. What else could we have done with that money? Instead of buying 1 election, we could have... supplied the army with 10,000 humvees; repaired 10,500 miles of road including 714 bridges; given every household a $60 tax break; supported out allies with %50 more military aid; covered college for 112,000 students; provided 3.5 billion immunizations. It's time to get money out of politics. www.represent.us. Sources: CNN, Unicef, National Priorities Project, US Census Bureau

Can you believe it? It cost America over 7 billion dollars to run our elections last year.

For $7 billion we got: 1 president, 33 senators and 435 representatives.  For $7 billion, we rearranged the chairs in a Congress that most Americans view less favorably than cockroaches (according to a recent poll).

If you’re a huge campaign donor, maybe $7 billion sounds like a drop in the bucket. But if you’re just a regular American, you can probably think of something else our country could have spent that money on. Maybe any of these:

  • 10,000 humvees could have been supplied to the Army
  • a $60 tax break could have been given to every household
  • 112,000 college degrees could have be paid for
  • we could have repaired 10,500 miles of road, including 714 bridges
  • military aid to American allies could have been increased by %50
  • we could have donated immunizations to 3.5 billion children across the world

Do any of those sound more important than politicians beating their own drums?

If we closed the floodgates on big political money in political campaigns, maybe some of these things would get done. And maybe America would better represent us all, instead of just the wealthiest political donors and lobbyists. To make that happen, we’d probably need some sort of bold plan – and we’d probably need your help.

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