• ‘Transhumanist’ Zoltan Istvan met with senior officials from the US Navy
  • They asked his advice to help them draw up policies on microchip implants
  • Mr Istvan believes all children should get implants so they can be tracked

Richard Gray for MailOnline

Most of us carry a tracking device around with us every day in the form of the mobile phones, but some people are going further and having microchips embedded in their bodies.

Now the US Navy has grown so concerned over the practice that is drawing up an official policy to help it deal with personnel who have chips implanted.

Officials consulted with American presidential candidate and ‘transhumanist’ Zoltan Istvan to discuss the implications of fitting humans with microchips to enhance their powers.

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Officials from the US Navy met with US presidential candidate and ‘transhumanist’ Zoltan Istvan to discuss the ‘merger of humans and machines’. Mr Zoltan (pictured) said they were keen to draw up policies about microchip implants that can be used to track and carry information inside the human body

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is already working on microchips that can be implanted into soldiers’ brains to make them more resilient to warfare.


A pair of wealthy Americans are apparently looking for brain implants on the black market that will allow them to communicate with each other using the power of thought, according to Zoltan Istvan.

He believes that technology like this could lead to everyone becoming interconnected into a kind of ‘hive mind’. 

The technology works by using the basics of electroencephalogram (EEG), which can read electrical signals produced by the brain.

‘But it will also have technology that can stimulate your brain back, likely through tiny electrical signals it can administer, that allows one to “feel” what the device’s input is,’ said Mr Istvan.

‘If a machine creates this input, then true communication with a machine – or AI -in this case has been created.’

Transhumanists believe we can do this through technologies such as mind uploading, cyborg body augmentation, and genetic manipulation. 

Another Transhumanist vision is to upload parts of their personality to a machine so that future generations can reconstruct a realistic avatar that recreates his being. 

But according to Mr Istvan, the military is also concerned about unauthorised technology that their personnel may implant themselves.

He told MailOnline: ‘The Navy is struggling to create policy around solider or sailors that enter military service with non-authorised chips embedded in them.

‘This makes perfect sense since the tech has grown so small, that chip implants can now do a wide range of things – tracking, making payments, monitoring blood flow and bodily health – and be totally hidden in human beings. 

‘You can imagine how challenging that would be if someone had a non-authorized chip implant on a nuclear base – so policy has to be created and created soon.’

The meeting was held between Mr Istvan and senior members of the Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group, which investigates new concepts of warfare.

A letter from Vice Admiral James Wisecup, who is director of the group, told Mr Istvan: ‘Your comments broadened our understanding of transhumanism and the merger of humans and machines.

‘Your personal perspectives were interesting and timely as we begin our research process. You have had a direct impact on our viewpoints for future concepts.’

Mr Istvan believes that technology could be used to give humans immortality by augmenting our bodies with technology.

The 42-year-old is standing at the next presidential election as a third-party candidate for the Transhumanist Party which he founded.

He has also believes that mankind could soon all be connected together in a AI matrix that plugs our brains directly into the internet and social media.

Immortality through AI with Transhumanist Zoltan Istvan

Mr Istvan claims a growing number of people are having microchip implants (like the one pictured) placed under their skin. Most are RFID chips similar to those found inside contactless bank cards, but Mr Istvan believes children should be given GPS implants to help keep them safe

A key part of his election campaign for president is that all children in the US should be given GPS implants.

He said the recent disappearance of two-year-old Lane Graves, who was snatched by an alligator in a lagoon at Disney World Florida, highlighted the need for such a measure.

Mr Istvan said: ‘Had that two-year old been GPS chipped – or tattooed – they could of followed the body immediately on their smartphones.

‘And security might have had the child back in 2-3 minutes, enough to maybe have it survive.

‘As a father of a 2 and 5 year old, I’m a big believer in the future that all children will get chipped, perhaps like all children get vaccines in the US.

‘A chip implant procedure takes about 60 seconds via a small needle injection and the implant is only the size of a grain of rice.

‘Humans simply need to get over their fear of having technology in our bodies. Our safety depends on it.’ 

Presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan explains Transhumanism

Earlier this year, Zoltan Istvan has toured the US in a coffin-shaped bus as part of his Presidential campaign trail. Istvan admits he doesn’t think he’ll win the presidency his own, but he is hoping to get Hilary Clinton’s attention and run as vice president

He said that US special forces have been experimenting with GPS chips so they can be tracked during operations while similar chipping technology has been used in animals.

However, most animals are tagged using RFID identification tags that can only be read at close range and radio tags that need specialist equipment to follow.

And it is unclear how GPS implants might be charged as they require batteries to work. 

Mr Istvan, who has a RFID chip – similar to the technology used in contactless credit cards in his own arm, said: ‘It’s crazy to me that we don’t develop it and use it in ourselves more, and especially in our children.

‘I’m looking into getting my children chipped after this alligator incident and because as a controversial presidential candidate I have security issues myself to worry about.’


Artificial intelligence is progressing at a frightening pace leading humanity towards its ultimate destruction.

This is according to British theoretical astrophysicist, Sir Martin Rees, who believes we are facing an ‘inorganic post-human era’.

By some estimates, he says, the process will begin in the next 25 years as robots begin to achieve intelligence rivalling that of humans.

Sir Martin, who is one of the world’s most eminent astronomers, says that while Earth has existed for 45 million centuries, this century is special.

Over nearly all of Earth’s history, threats have come from nature, but from now on, the worst dangers come from us – and specifically artificial intelligence.

He says that by any definition of ‘thinking’, the amount and intensity that’s done by organic human-type brains will, in the far future, be swamped by the intelligence of AI.

‘There are chemical and metabolic limits to the size and processing power of organic brains,’ wrote Sir Rees, in an opinion piece for the Telegraph. 

‘Maybe humans are close to these limits already. But there are no such constraints on silicon-based computers.’