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July 16, 2016 — The reports are in. Yesterday, the 2016 presidential candidates turned in their FEC filings disclosing how much their campaign committees have raised to date. While the totals are staggering, super PACs and other outside groups supporting the individual candidates have raised even more money. 

The total cost of the 2016 presidential election is expected to reach an unprecendented $5 billion, with outside groups, like single-candidate super PACs, accounting for an increasingly larger portion of expenditures.

Below is a list of all the major candidates for president, and how much their campaigns, super PACs, and other outside groups have raised. We will continue to update this post as additional reports are filed.

[Top Ten States Contributing to Presidential Candidate Committees chart]

[Total Amount Raised By The Candidates and Their Supporters chart]

Note: This includes all contributions to candidate committees, super PACs, and 527s that have been reported to date.  Some groups have not reported their totals yet, and some candidates do not have a supporting super PAC or 527 organization.


The 2016 Presidential Candidates


Sec. Hillary Clinton (D-NY)

Total Raised by Team Clinton [add]

Campaign Committee: [add] C00575795

Priorities USA Action (super PAC): [add] C00495861

Ready PAC (hybrid PAC): [add] C00540997 

Correct the Record (hybrid PAC): C00578997

Democratic Action PAC (super PAC): C00575811

Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL)

Total Raised by Team Bush: [add]

Campaign Committee: [add] C00579458

Right to Rise PAC (Leadership PAC): [add] C00571380

Right to Rise Super PAC (super PAC): [add] C00571372

Millennials Rising PAC (super PAC): [add]

C00571950 (aka Millennials for Jeb)

Vamos for Jeb (super PAC): [add] C00574095

Right to Rise Policy Solutions (501c4)

Gov. Lincoln Chafee (D-RI)

Total Raised by Team Chafee [$392,743]

Campaign Committee: [$392,743] C00579706

Ben Carson (R-MD)

 Total Raised by Team Carson: [add]

Campaign Committee: [add] C00573519

USA First PAC (Leadership PAC): [add] C00567685

The 2016 Committee (super PAC): [add] C00569905

One Vote (super PAC): [add] C00574277

National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee (super PAC): [add] C00548420

Gov. Martin O’Malley (D-MD)

Total Raised by Team O’Malley: [add]

Campaign Committee: [add] C00578658

O’ Say Can You See (Leadership PAC): [add] C00525220

Generation Forward (super PAC): [add] C00578724

O’ Say Can You See (527): [add] irs search –

Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ)

Total Raised by Team Christie: [add]

Campaign Committee: [add] C00580399

Leadership Matters for America (Leadership PAC): [add] C00571778

America Leads (super PAC): [add] C00573055

Ready for Christie (super PAC): [add] TERMINATED

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT)

Total Raised by Team Sanders: [add]

Campaign Committee: [add] C00577130

Progressive Voters of America (Leadership PAC): [add] C00406553

Americans Socially United (super PAC*): [add] C00572537

Draft Bernie (super PAC): [add] C00555615

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Total Raised by Team Cruz: [add]

Campaign Committee: [add] C00574624

Jobs Growth and Freedom Fund (Leadership PAC): [add] C00536540

Stand for Principle PAC (super PAC): [add] C00570325

Draft Ted Cruz for President (super PAC): [add] C00554725

Keep the Promise PAC (super PAC): [add] C00575415

Keep the Promise I (super PAC): [add] C00575373

Keep the Promise II (super PAC): [add] C00575431

Keep the Promise III (super PAC): [add] C00575423

Crusaders PAC (super PAC): $56 C00576157

(AKA Cruzaders)

JRUZ PAC (super PAC): [add] C00579912, C00578906

(FKA Jews for Cruz)

Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA)

Total Raised by Team Webb: [add]

Campaign Committee: [add] C00581215

Born Fighting PAC (Leadership PAC): [add] C00430819

Carly Fiorina (R-CA)

Total Raised by Team Fiorina: [add]

Campaign Committee: [add] C00577312

Cali for Carly (Leadership PAC): [add] C00576934

Carly for America (super PAC): [add] C00573154

(AKA: Conservative, Authentic, Responsive Leadership for You and America)

Unlocking Potential (super PAC): [add] C00564534


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

Total Raised by Team Graham: [add]

Campaign Committee: [add] C00578757

Fund for America’s Future (Leadership PAC): [add] C00388934

West Main Street Values (super PAC): [add] C00543157

Security Is Strength PAC (super PAC) [add] C00573733

Security Through Strength (527): [add] irs search –


Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR)

Total Raised by Team Huckabee: [add]

Campaign Committee: [add] C00577981

Huck PAC (Leadership PAC): [add] C00448373

Pursuing America’s Greatness (super PAC): [add] C00573923

Prosperity for All Fund (527): [add]

America Takes Action (501c4)


Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA)

Total Raised by Team Jindal: [add]

Campaign Committee: [add] C00580159

Believe Again PAC (Leadership PAC): [add] C00559237

(FKA Stand Up to Washington PAC)

Believe Again PAC (super PAC): [add] C00571711

American Future Project  (527): [add] irs search –

America Next (501c4): add


Gov. John Kasich (R-OH)

Total Raised by Team Kasich: [add]

Campaign Committee: [add] undeclared so far

New Century Project (Leadership PAC): [add] C00357335

(super PAC): [add]

New Day Independent Media Committee (527):

A New Day for America (527):

Balanced Budget Forever (501c4)

American Freedom Builders? (501c4)


Gov. George Pataki (R-NY)

Total Raised by Team Pataki: [add]

Campaign Committee: [add] C00578245

We the People, Not Washington (super PAC): [add] C00571356

Americans for Real Change (501c4)


Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)

Total Raised by Team Paul: [add]

Campaign Committee: [add] C00575449

RAND PAC (Leadership PAC): [add] C00493924

Rand Paul Victory Committee (joint fundraising committee): [add] C00545848

Human Action Super PAC (super PAC): [add] C00538827

America’s Liberty PAC (super PAC): [add] C00532572

Concerned American Voters (super PAC): [add] C00525899 (super PAC): [add] C00579086

Forever Free PAC (super PAC): $38,852


RAND PAC 2016 (super PAC): TERMINATED C00544791

Ready for Rand PAC (super PAC): [add] C00573410


Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX)

Total Raised by Team Perry: [add]

Campaign Committee: [add] C00500587

RickPAC(Leadership PAC): [add] C00566497

Opportunity and Freedom PAC (super PAC): [add] C00573634

Opportunity and Freedom I (super PAC): [add] C00580092

Opportunity and Freedom II (super PAC): [add] C00580969

Americans for Economic Freedom (501c4):


Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)

Total Raised by Team Rubio: [add]

Campaign Committee: [add] C00458844

Reclaim America PAC(Leadership PAC): [add] C00500025

Rubio Victory Committee (joint fundraising committee): [add] C00494617

Americans for Marco Rubio Super PAC (super PAC): [add] C00550251

Conservative Solutions PAC (super PAC): [add] C00541292

Students for Rubio (super PAC): [add] C00578203

Conservative Solutions Project (501c4)

Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA)

Total Raised by Team Santorum: [add]

Campaign Committee: [add] C00578492

Patriot Voices (hybrid PAC): [add] C00528307

Working Again (super PAC): [add] C00580324

Patriot Voices (501c4)

Donald Trump (R-NY)

Total Raised by Team Trump: [add]

Campaign Committee: [add] C00580100

Citizens for Restoring USA (super PAC): $175 C00575993

Make America Great Again (super PAC): [add] C00580373

Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI)

Total Raised by Team Walker: [add]

Campaign Committee: [add] C00580480

Unintimidated PAC (super PAC): [add] C00576108

Draft Scott Walker for President (super PAC): [add] C00572792 (aka Victory 2016)

Draft Scott Walker Virginia (PAC): $3,462.14 C00574251

Go Big Go Bold (super PAC): [add] C00573147

Our American Revival (527):

Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL)

Total Raised by Team Bush: [add]

Campaign Committee: [add] C00579458

Right to Rise PAC (Leadership PAC): [add] C00571380

Right to Rise Super PAC (super PAC): [add] C00571372

Millennials Rising PAC (super PAC): [add]

C00571950 (aka Millennials for Jeb)

Vamos for Jeb (super PAC): [add] C00574095

Right to Rise Policy Solutions (501c4)

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