I’ve had it with all of these spy novel theories about Mueller flipping and how indictments against Hillary and Podesta are coming. This shit all started with a few idiots posting “threads” on twitter and channnn . .. it needs to stop.

Mueller has been the enemie’s “go to guy” since Waco, Tx. It’s no coincidence that he was appointed head of the FBI one week prior to 911. He’s not Trumps friend. He was hired to bring Trump down and thats his only goal.

This video NAILS it!!! Watch it. It’s dead on..

TRUMP is all alone. He’s surrounded. All he has is US – The people. We need to get our heads out of our asses and realize this.

Everything that’s happened the past 30 years has been with one goal – New World Order – just like that cocksucker Bush said. They want a world without borders. A world they rule. A world where they are kings and we are slaves.

No guns
A 400 sq ft apt in a city.
A place where a rich man owns a bicycle.

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Meanwhile, they rule and own huge country estates and jet around in private aircraft. Communism has been chosen as the method to deliver this utopia.

This is what they teach our kids. This is why there is a new false flag every week. It’s all easy to see, if you just look.

Here’s a good article on good guy Robert Mueller. The man who hand delivered uranium to Russia.


I think Trump is in trouble. Sessions is a piece of shit who is scared to death. He’s recused himself on anything that could help Trump. What I find amazing is to compare how Obama was able to use the DOJ vs how Trump can’t get the DOJ to do anything.

Fucking Obama had the IRS attacking Tea Party groups. Where is Trump?

This country is fucked. The only way it’s saved is if the people demand it… If people are willing to die for it.

I don’t see that resolve. We’re about to go over the cliff. Trump was given an impossible job. One man can’t do it alone.

h/t OldWhiteGuy


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